How we work

We believe the journey to your growth is to understand how you are relevant in your market. Step by step, together we will build the road that leads you to where you want to go, to your ultimate goal. 


Our services are based on this ideology. Starting from the very beginning, from knowing the market and your potential, all the way up to the detailed plans on how to sell, communicate and strategically grow your business. We build our work on data-based research and creative, innovative planning. 


For us, every business is unique and therefore the needs of every business are different. We start all projects by arranging an introductory meeting to understand where you are as a business now and where you would like to be in the future. This confidential meeting is provided free of charge and allows us to better understand your scope, resources and ultimate goals. We want to make sure that what you get is actually what you need at this stage, and that the services are tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Different businesses need different solutions

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, and will always help you find the best solution for your project and budget. Read on about some of our recent projects below. 



Large corporate

- New product launch

Client Challenge: Position and validate a new product category launch across Europe

Our solution: Scope market opportunity and deliver full go to market strategy.

Package of services: Qualitative customer insight research across key European markets, brand positioning, quantitative concept validation in key markets, price elasticity study, conjoint analysis for product features, full go-to-market communications strategy, project coordination.




production company

Client Challenge: Increase profitability and sales of existing product line

Our solution: Brand repositioning and in-market validation

Package of services:  Qualitative market research to understand the customer journey, interviews with key stakeholders in production and supply chain, brand re-positioning and development of all relevant marketing assets, implementation of the strategy to the supply chain, project coordination.



Client Challenge: Where to find market growth outside Luxembourg.

Our solution: European Market Opportunity Assessment.

Package of services: European market sizing, strategic and brand fit analysis, in-depth category analysis in chosen market, small in-market suitability questionnaire.

Luxembourg FMCG innovation brand





Financial Business

Client Challenge: Improve reporting process for time and cost benefits.

Our solution: Development of an online reporting platform.

Package of services: Research of the report production process by interviewing key stakeholders, re-formulation of the process - from linear to simultaneous input and approvals. UX design, formulation and build of new reporting platform and dashboard. Launch and training for new platform.



Client Challenge: Understand the European market opportunity and most appropriate product formulation.

Our solution:  Market scoping, gap analysis and product formulation

Package of services: European market overview for fintech payment category, cultural audit of country spending habits, potential use-case scenarios for application of technology, existing brand suitability audit, 5 year business plan.

Asian Fintech company



Start-up team

Client challenge: Startup idea, but no commercial business

Our solution: business modelling and take to market  

Package of services: Business modelling and forecasting, funding pitch presentation formulation, immediate market identification, value proposition, brand strategy.