Out of Crisis Comes Opportunity.

The year of 2020 is defined by uncertainty. Everything is changing in ways we cannot fully appreciate. But this transitional market of 2020 will define the business reality of 2021. We understand that it is not easy knowing which steps to take and having the confidence to take them. That’s why as a provider of Fit 4 Resilience we have created a hands-on, actionable programme to help you reassess, succeed and thrive in these turbulent times.

Business Repositioning Programme

  • Meeting with CEO

  • Preparing Kick-Off

  • Determine Participants & Schedule



  • Methodology

  • Culture 

  • Strategy


Kick Off

  • Retrospective & Learning

  • Focus on Team collaboration

  • Solving the most critical team issue

2-Day Workshop 30 Days Later

  • Retrospective & learning

  • Focus on Execution

  • Solving the most critical execution issue

2-Day Workshop 60 Days Later

  • Retrospective & learning

  • Focus on Financials

  • Solving the most critical financial issue

2-Day Workshop 90 Days Later

  • Retrospective & Learning

  • Conclusion and Luxinnovation Presentation


& Summary

30-Day Sprint

30-Day Sprint

30-Day Sprint

30-Day Sprint

Business success depends on a great team, enacting a sound strategy, to generate revenue that helps to - in turn - build stronger team dynamics acting against evermore robust strategies for consistent growth.  As a Fit 4 Resilience consultant we have designed a programme to help you strengthen these critical areas, and take immediate action toward achieving longer-term growth objectives.

Over a period of 4 months, we conduct a series of 2-day workshops with your leadership team to navigate the evolving situation. 

Each workshop will help you redefine and take action with immediate effect for the following month, in major critical areas - teamwork, strategy, execution, and financials.  From it, you will not only obtain the necessary tools and methodologies to succeed in these turbulent times but also transform your business in a radical way.  

How it works.

Luxinnovation and the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy provide 50% of the cost for the programme and have set guidelines for eligibility, pricing and deliverables.

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What is Fit 4 Resilience?

Luxinnovation have launched a new crisis exit and strategic repositioning programme, which is designed to provide financial support for companies in need of strategic help in transforming their businesses in the current climate.

Luxinnovation and the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy provide 50% of the cost for the programme and have set guidelines for pricing and services.


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