Market Guidance

Before one may successfully enter the market, they must have an understanding of it to make business-relevant decisions. An actionable strategy cannot be built in case the base work is not properly done.

As an outcome of our Market Guidance, you will get an overview of the market. On top of that, you will also get a set of business-tangible recommendations which can be used to make strategic decisions.


This can include for example...

  • Analysis of the most promising country for your product launch

  • Insights on competitive prices and pricing trends on the market

  • Analysis of data of current usage trends and attitudes of potential clients

  • Holistic Market Understanding analysis

  • Derived SWOT-analysis with respect to all PESTLE-dimensions (based on defined KPIs)

  • Constraints to consider

  • Key trends on the market 

  • Recommendations on highest potential clients (B2B/B2C), also from a sales channel perspective 

  • Basic regulatory requirements overview

This service is for you who...

… have a great product and want to expand to a market

… want to launch a new product or service

… want to scale up by entering new markets

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