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Managed Services

We have developed a desktop publishing solution to outsource and streamline the quarterly investor report production process.

We provide a secure platform to collate multiple team workstreams in parallel, reducing time, resource and cost for the investment manager. 

We have several years of experience managing the publishing production process of over 300 AIF (Alternative Investment Funds) reports every year.


Key benefits:

  • A secure report-production suite, managed by a team experienced in producing materials for investment managers.

  • The platform collaborates inputs across teams within your organisation, in real time

  • Approval hierarchy built in the production flow

  • Production of high-quality reports in line with your brand

  • Time efficiency on data collection, project management and report production

    The platform enables the user to download the final report output in the approved branding format for the investors.

Investor Reports made simple.

Investor reports are a critical part of fund management. With multiple teams involved, often the reports are delayed, error filled and below institutional quality. 

This service is perfect for...

... Investment managers and fund administrators who deal with multiple funds or investment vehicles

… Professionals responsible for regular investor reporting looking to establish high-quality, timely and cost efficient reports

Do you want to discuss your opportunities? 

Send us email and we will get in touch with you.

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