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Product-Market-Fit & Validation

the commercial potential and relevance your product or service has, within a market, industry, or segment type. This is done by gaining a deep understanding of  your client and their needs and how your solution can improve the current situation.


As an outcome of Product-Market-Fit analysis and hands-on Proof-of-Concept (POC) , you will have a strong business case that has been validated on the target market, including in-depth knowledge about your value proposition on the market, a profile of your ideal clients and insight on what makes them tick, as well as analysis on how your product or service fits into the market and how much potential does the new market truly represent..

The right combination of services will be defined based on the current stage of the business as well as primary objectives (and budget!) taken into consideration. 

The services can be packaged into a clearly defined project or agreed upon a retained service.

Here are few examples on how we can help..

  • Ideal Customer profiling and potential

  • Market size evaluation within a market, industry, or segment type

  • Validation of offering with actual potential clients (Proof-of-Concept, POC)

  • Value Proposition assessment, recommendations, (re)-direction

  • Sales and Marketing Channel Definition

  • Defining Ideal Price Range and pricing strategy 

  • A pricing strategy for successful market entry

  • The unique selling points (design, quality, service and differentiation from competition) 

  • Insight on the best approach of the recommended sales channel per market (local representation, sales representatives or team, direct to customer)

  • Understanding of the problems the clients are facing and recommendations on how the solution should be positioned against these needs

After  having an understanding of the top-level trends and market dynamics, you need to establish a more specific understanding of 

This service is for you who...

… have a great product and want to expand to a market

… want to launch a new product or service

… want to improve your market performance

… want to scale up by entering new markets

… already have an understanding of the top-level trends and which markets have most potential (if you don’t, we are happy to help you) (link to Market Recommendations)

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