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The Importance of a Clear Brand Strategy

When starting a business, it’s easy to only think of ‘brand’ at the very beginning and very end of the process.

The eagerness to make your business feel tangible may have you rushing to come up with a name and a logo, which you then look to ‘assert’ on the market when it becomes time to start trading.

But a proper brand strategy starts way before the name and the logo, and when approached correctly can help you to elevate your thinking every day. Importantly, in a fast and disruptive world, it can help you to think beyond the functional details of your product/service, develop a unique user experience for your customers, protect your idea against competitor innovation,

competitor imitation, or becoming technologically obsolete overnight.

So, it’s worth trying to avoid the lure of logos (at least initially!) and allow a stronger brand strategy to help lead all your thinking and activity.

Do you need help with branding? Let us help you. Contact us for a free scoping session.


Andrew "Andy" Chisholm is the Head of Brand and Communications at MasonBower.  He has a breadth of experience across different business categories, having previously worked as managing partner at top marketing agencies like Saatchi&Saatchi and TBWA London.


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