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International growth support for Finnish innovations

We have a passion supporting good innovations to grow. With a variety of bridges built between Europe and South Korea over the past few years, we are now turning our focus northward. We are intrigued by the technologies and innovations Finland has to offer, and see growing opportunities for northern innovation to move into Europe.

With a few team members originally from Finland, we have a good understanding of business and cultural backgrounds, as well as the experience of the opportunities that Central Europe has to offer.

We are now also officially part of the Expert Search directory hosted by Business Finland, which is the public organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion in Finland, directed by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Through this collaboration we want to strengthen our position towards Finland and be able to support interesting innovations from one of the world's most innovative nations.

We are registered in the service to provide growth services for Finnish companies within the areas of:

  • Internationalization Strategy

  • Market Intelligence

  • Communications and PR

  • Digital sales and marketing

  • Internationalization training.

MasonBower’s core expertise, however, also includes the capabilities of building solid go-to-market strategy and providing strategic guidance for sales, as well as branding, marketing and communication strategy.

The great news for Finnish companies is that all of these are also services that are typically supported financially by Business Finland, for example through the Market Explorer and Tempo funding programs targeted at Finnish innovations that want to expand internationally.

You can find our profile on the Business Finland Expert Search directory here.

For anyone interested in the possibilities of collaboration, please do note that our expertise is not limited to the countries listed within the profile - we consider ourselves as experts of the European marketplace at its larger sense, and have the broad networks to support go-to-market planning to a broad range of markets in Europe. Plus, we have an interesting network towards South-Korea, which could open up entirely new opportunities for Finnish innovation.

We are looking forward to supporting the brilliant, forward-looking yet practical innovations the North has to offer and will increasingly develop networks and interaction with the Finnish market and startup Ecosystem.

We welcome Finnish companies, regardless of the represented industry, to get in touch and book a one-hour free consultation session with us to discuss more about the opportunities we could start exploring together.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

P.s. Voit olla yhteydessä meihin myös suomeksi.

MasonBower is a strategic expert in growing to new markets, covering market intelligence, branding and communication specialists and strategic business expertise.

We have relevant expertise to assess and validate commercial concepts, provide an understanding of market opportunities, test product-market-fit, and use market intelligence to formulate sound business planning for European market expansion. We have an experienced multinational team - including Finns - that understand both the origin market and culture, as well as the target markets in the continental Europe.


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