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Re-Thinking 2020 - Building the Re-Economy

This year, 2020, has changed a lot - and it is likely that we have not seen everything yet.

The “new normal” as a term is hard to nail down, as all aspects of life and business are continuing to change.

The situation requires adaptation from all of us - but it especially sets new demands for businesses. How to adapt business models and identify opportunities for growth?

We all need to face new challenges and rethink what used to be normal in the past.

We will need to reassess your opportunities, reposition your offering and reorganise your business for what’s coming next.

MasonBower has been specializing in market intelligence and planning already for several years. Now, together with our sister company Foundry Europe, we have a chance to join forces and bring together strategy experts and professionals within our networks. Together we can provide businesses of all sizes the strategic support needed to face the new demands of the market and finding new opportunities.

Luxinnovation recently launched a new program called Fit 4 Resilience, which is designed to provide financial support for companies that need strategic help in transforming their business models.

MasonBower has been selected as one of the approved consultants to provide supportive consultancy for companies eligible for this program.

Fit 4 Resilience is a crisis exit and strategic repositioning programme including:

  • An analysis of the impact of the crisis on external factors (market, competition, products, supply, logistics, distribution, etc.)

  • An analysis of the impact of the crisis on internal factors (processes, digitalisation, etc.)

  • A study of strategic choices and the preparation of a short- and medium-term roadmap (including thoughts about the circular economy, regionalisation and digitalisation)

  • Financial support from the Ministry of the Economy (paid up-front)

If you are interested in working with us to transform your business for new growth, contact us and apply for the program directly with Luxinnovation here.*

Also be sure to check out the upcoming Foundry Training on 17th of July with

Jean-Marc Fandel talking about the possibilities of the program. You can, of course, attend online and everyone is welcome! Read more and book your spot here.

Solutions for the Re-Economy. Contact us now.

*This program is for companies registered in Luxembourg only. The Ministry of Economy will evaluate the eligibility of each applicant company. Read more on the conditions at the Fit 4 Resilience website.


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