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Positioning MasonBower in the Luxembourg Market at ArchSummit 2019

Team at the MasonBower stand at ArchSummit 2019

For MasonBower, Arch Summit 2019 was first and foremost the event for us to come out in the public and establish ourselves as part of the Luxembourg ecosystem.

We’ve already been here for some time, though. Mason Bower started out in Scandinavia as part of a collective of agencies, complementing the creative and production outfits with a strategic offering focused on business innovation and growth. Then, in 2016, MasonBower opened the first "international" branch in Luxembourg with a team of two. In the last two years we’ve made Luxembourg our home, becoming independent and are now a blossoming business of 14, and growing.

We have traditionally been working with larger companies. Over the past year, however, we have been working on figuring out how to all those learning and apply the thinking also to younger companies. Arch Summit served as the ideal stage to present ourselves to a wider audience.

And a perfect stage it was. Our stand was brilliantly positioned right in the middle of the event, and we stood out nicely with our down-to-earth approach that was crowned by our own office furniture; even the carpet and plants included. We actually even hired a moving company to help us with the transportation of the furniture…

The whole team of MasonBower was enthusiastic about our common objective and we kept busy networking from morning until the end of the day.

One of the key elements at the Arch Summit was also to give a little taster of one of our latest projects: Foundry.

We are currently developing a combination of  the structured process of MasonBower, people that represent the everything-need resources to make businesses operational - and the place to bring it all together. Together with our collaborators, we want to build something of an ecosystem of its own; the place where creatives and businesses can support each other - and MasonBower can help in bringing the most brilliant ideas out where they should be. In the market. Stay tuned for more.


Irene Mäkelä is a Project Leader at MasonBower. Usually working on client projects, she was now responsible for taking MasonBower to Arch Summit and coordinating the related media activities.


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